Much More than a Logo

For many companies, especially where budget was a huge consideration when first starting out, someone just put a logo together using a clipart image found on the internet somewhere.  It took very little effort and at the time of starting out, it sufficed.  However, as your company evolves and doing business becomes more serious, it is so important that you revisit your logo, what it looks like and ask yourself, does it do it’s job?  Is it actually your trademark or just an image that you’ve become used to  and the thought of changing it or upgrading it is just too daunting to consider?

Your Brand is so much more than just your logo.  In fact, your logo is not a brand, your logo is your trade mark.  It is the symbol that you use to represent your brand.

Marty Neumeier in his book, “The Brand Gap”, says the following : “Brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company.  You cannot control the process but you can influence it.”

Branding is not what you say it is but rather what others say it is.  It is how others see your company, what they perceive it to be.  Coca Cola is used so often as an example, because it is such a strong brand.  Coca Cola is recognized worldwide – it represents a refreshing soft drink that is satisfying to the taste.  It represents a lifestyle that you too can be part of, if you just use their product.  Have you ever stopped to ask what does your logo represent?

Branding has many touch points :

Does your logo require upgrading?  Ask yourself how do you define your brand.  Use the following headings as a guide to coming up with that definition :

Culture Customer Voice Benefit Value
Respect & Fairness Trust &Integrity Change & Adaptability
Results Orientation
Employee Engagement
Responsibility & Accountability Learning Opportunities
Repeat Dedicated
Higher earning bracket Demanding Selective Fussy  
Funny Intimate Light
Sometimes serious
Well priced Quality Ingredients Fresh
Always available
Nutritious Tasty
No preservatives Hand selected  

From the above, you want to be able to define what your value proposition and your brand positioning statement is.  Why is this important?  Because through you understanding what your value proposition is and what your positioning statement is, you can develop your marketing strategy and your brand with a consistency that is more likely to succeed than if you didn’t.

So from the above, what is it that you want to say about your business – say for instance, taking the following key words :

Respect – Adaptability – Responsibility

Loyal – Repeat – Selective

Intimate – Light – Knowledgeable

Well priced – Quality – Always available

Nutritious – Tasty – Hand selected

If say, you were supplying a product that your clients purchase as part of their daily diet, you would want it to say everything about you that the above words reflect.

Your original logo may look like this :

Your updated logo could look like this :

Updated logo reflects what this company wants its brand to reflect :

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