Live Broadcast your Event

Broadcast Your Event – Live!

Live Broadcasting or Live Webcasting your event is a relatively new concept. Many business owners are not aware of this exciting and innovative platform to share your expertise and reach a greater audience.

What is Broadcasting?
Broadcasting is the distribution of audio or video content to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium, but typically one using the electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves), in a one-to-many model. (Wikipedia)

Recent research done by revealed quite significant statistics about video consumption and live streaming. Some of these are :

• Viewers spend three times longer watching live video compared to video that isn’t live
• The number of videos posted per person has increased exponentially over the last few years
• Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.

Expand Your Reach
Through Live Webcasting your event, we enable you to expand your reach to audiences, no matter where they may be situated. No longer do you have to invest in the cost of a large venue. No longer do your audience have to travel to sit in the same room with you. Now they are able to log in from the comfort of their desk and yet still feel part of a large live audience.

Why Webcast?
Webcasting is the perfect way to stream workshops, conferences, panel discussions or even new product launches, engaging your audience anywhere in the world.

Why Live Webcasting and Why you Should be doing it
In 2016 Facebook introduced the use of live videos – an exciting new way to digitally market your business. This increased the demand for video marketing at a time when companies were looking for new ways to attract and engage users.

People and particularly business, are beginning to understand that video is a key player in marketing and has been for some time. Live Webcasting allows for immediate interaction with clients that recorded video can’t compete with. Live Webcasting let’s users engage with content in a way that makes pre-recorded video feel dated.

Why you Should take Advantage of this Growing Trend
Live Webcasting offers immediate gratification and when you introduce Live Webasting into your marketing strategy, you afford clients an opportunity to interact instantly with your content, through participating in the running commentary. It’s a way to bring together your knowledge and expertise and users at the same time, focused on one thing and that’s your business and what you have to offer them.

Why does Live Webcasting work?
Engaging with clients in this way, puts a human face on your brand, personalising your business and removing any anonymity that they may have initially felt. It opens up the familiarity that clients want to feel when they engage with your business.

If you view Live Streaming as another important tool in your marketing arsenal, you’ll begin to see how wide a net you can cast when you conduct a live session.

Live Streaming is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, because it doubles down on video marketing by providing real-time content that is immediate, interactive and more engaging to users.

Set up time with us now to come discuss how we can help you increase your audience and engage with your clients in a way that personalises your relationships.

Consider this :

Engage Clients : Live Streaming creates the opportunity to engage those unable to attend the live event and share an important message or educational piece with them.

Increase Attendance : Up to 30% of people attending a Live Webcasting are more likely to attend the Live Event the next year. A great way to create customer retention.

Save Money : Live Streaming the event provides reach for people in remote or international locations reducing drastically the cost of travel and the cost of valuable time spent on the road or aeroplane will not be required.

Increase Client Experience : Live Streaming increases the number of people able to attend your event. Because you haven’t blown your budget on a massive venue, you can afford to focus on what is important, and that is your client experience of your business.

Target Dormant Clients : Some of your clients may never have attended one of your live events. Live Streaming affords you the opportunity to captivate them and change their perception of these important engagements.

Create a Virtual Community : Live Streaming will create a virtual community of attendees that will spin off networking opportunities and long term business relationships.

Archive your Event : Live Streaming and archiving your event will provide you with a recording that can be watched many times, by those who attended the event as well as by those who didn’t.

Valuable Information : Live Streaming is an inexpensive way of sharing valuable information with employees as well as clients. Having immediate feedback can greatly improve your understanding of their perception.

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