What Marketing Medium best suits your Business

Essentially there is no one medium that suits all products and services whether you have a large corporate or a much smaller business. Specifially any form of advertising or creating awareness, would be determined by your budget and choosing the best medium, would be determined by your target audience.

First off, you need to do buyer research as to who, what, when and how. This information can also be obtained from your own sales records, at least giving you the basic answers.

Traditionally all business whether large or small, rely on their websites to do most of their selling. However, if your website is outdated and does not carry exact and up to date information, you will not achieve what you set out to do when you first designed it. The next thing to do is to ensure that you choose media that can most easily drive traffic to your website. This is done through click through’s linked to your site. Internet search ads, internet display ads, social media posts, internet publicity and bulk email enables someone to click through to your website. Internet search adveritising is ideal for pinpoint advertising. Here a key to success would be targeting not only on prospective customers, but rather on customers who have a higher propensity to do business with you.

Preparing a basic media selection plan is essential and will be dictated by your specific marketing plan, particularly in terms of scheduling timing ie when your new product is going to be launched and what activity to create awareness and generate sales, would you plan around that new product. This would be prior to the launch, the actual launch and follow up.

Once you have your basic media selection plan in place, it’s time to find the most effective advertising medium. Make sure that you don’t let your personal likes or dislikes influence your decision. Selection should be based on the following criteria :

Will it reach my target audience? What size is that audience and is it supported by independent sources? Will your budget allow for sufficient repetition of your advert? Research shows that someone has to have had at least 9 interactions with your company before deciding whether or not to do business with you!

When deciding on using traditional media options, keep this is mind :

Television as a medium (whilst expensive) offers the power of sight, sound, colour and movement. Difficult to target a specific audience
Video does the same as television at a fraction of the cost and also be distributed to a specifically targeted audience
Print media whether newspaper or otherwise, offers a traditional pass-on readership. However, be aware of the shelf-life of printed media. For instance, leaflets handed out at robots probably go straight to the bin whilst an advertisement in say an airline magazine, will be seen for many more people over a longer period of time
Digital publishing is immediate and very effective. Here you have the ability to update on demand as well as interact with your audience through immediate comments. Great way to engage with clients or prospective clients and offer solutions that can be given on the fly as well as being able to guage your clients better and faster
Radio has always been known as the theatre of the mind. Choosing your radio station is made easier for you through the radio station already have a clear idea of who their listening audience is.

Whether your business is big or small, always think BIG! Think big in terms of how you are going to gain exposure. Rather take a larger advertisement and book it every other week than taking a smaller size advert that will be placed every week. This would depend on what your marketing plan is, how much time you have allocated to creating awareness etc. It could mean that just the opposite will work better ie taking up a smaler ad but having it published more frequently. Also, obviously your budget will play a big part here.

Some publishers offer ‘Distress Space’ which means the media are prepared to sell ad space at a discounted rate due to a tight deadline, or a last minute distress situation. Be cautious, as often the deadline is a matter of minutes and you may not have material on hand.

Be careful of ‘one off’ advertisements. Once off will never give you the desired impact simply because there is no follow up and people are so bombarded with information, the chances that you get more than a 1% view is really great.. Repeat, repeat and you’ll be sweet. Distress Space is perfect for a special, short term event.

Location, location, location
As in real estate, location or position is very important as to where your advertisement appears. On radio, the breakfast time zone captures the largest audience share, and the ad rates are costed accordingly. Television has more eyeballs watching in Prime evening time. With print, a right hand page or double-page spread has the most impact. Specified positions carry an extra loading, otherwise placement of your advertisement is at the discretion of the layout person, and it could be at the back end of that medium.

There is no golden rule as to the most effective medium to choose when creating awareness of your business. It requires a huge amount of effort and time. Make sure that your research is thorough before embarking on any new campaigns. Make sure that your plans are all in place, set out on a calendar with very specific timelines and clearly well thought out messaging that remains true to your positioning statement. Keep your focus on your desired end-goal and always remember :

Your target audience
Cost efficiency
Position / Location
Review of target audience at least every six months

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