Attract New Clients through Visual Communication

Visual Communication is growing and most definitely here to stay.

According to the research company EMPLAY and their Sales Impact Measurement Program 2016, visual selling shortens the overall sales cycle by up to 30% and increases sales by 20%. What better way to attract new clients?!

Communication behaviours in business are changing. Within workspaces, there are more open spaces vs closed segregated offices; coffee corners and walls covered in sticky notes. One thing remains essential to the success of your business, whether it’s internally or externally – people talk, and so as business owners responsible for the growth of our business, we need to ensure that we constantly get people talking. That is to say, between work colleagues as well as to your customers, both old and new. How do we start this?

Through listening! To change the way we do business, we need more people to listen, think, ask and adapt. Communication and decision-making processes require a two-way conversation. Engaging with your clients in an interactive and thought-provoking manner (which elicits an emotional connection) is paramount in reaching out and drawing new clients in. People won’t truly buy into a product, service, organisation or idea, until they fully understand the why behind it.

One of the most difficult aspects in a visual content strategy is establishing the basics such as brand and photography / illustration style along with resources and budget. Images are vital to having a great website, social media promotions, advertising, banners, blogs and so on.

Through social media, you can effectively and cost-effectively boost your business. Humans are visual creatures and so do make judgements based on our choice of visual communication ie photographs and illustrations. Visual content is forty times more likely to get shared on social media than any other type of content, according to Hubspot. However, this can only be achieved if you use content that isn’t dull and doesn’t look unprofessional.

Promote user generated content – it’s fast, easy and engaging thus driving more traffic to your social media platforms as well as your website. A great benefit here is that you will increase the credibility of your brand and attract potential new customers.

Understanding the true nature of your business and choosing images that reflect this, is a way of storytelling through visuals. When selling your product online, if your product looks great and well represented, you stand a greater chance of attracting potential new clients as well as keeping your existing clients returning.

Through visual communication you can more easily show clients and potential new clients what you have to offer and why they should do business with you or purchase your products and services. Consumers are constantly in search of authenticity and as the internet changes and becomes a much more visual place, so you need to be evolving and changing to meet the ever-changing needs of your clients. Combine visual elements with content to get clients to understand your communication in a much simpler and quicker format. Storytelling is one of the best ways to reach your customers and make emotional connections. Social media has become one of the best ways for businesses to communicate with their audience, in realtime and on a personal level.

Take advantage of multiple channels where you can post and share visual content that will attract the attention of your audience and draw them in. Users spend many hours every day scrolling through newsfeeds, videos and postings. It’s so easy to ignore or scan over text. However, visual content provides an instant impression and catches the eye of consumers in seconds or less. This is your opportunity to entice with striking images or interesting illustrations that are relevant to who you are.

The great thing about visual communication is that it speaks for itself. Images, logos, photographs, illustrations and infogragraphics leave lasting impressions and do convey your brand’s personality – choose your visual communication wisely! The better you know your audience as well as your desired new audience, the easier it will be to create visual communications that will reach them.

Visual content is most often a starting point to potential consumers looking to purchase your products or services or to engage with your business in any manner. To build trust in a business, customers look for cues that give them insight into the core of your brand. Use visual communication that is intended to interact emotionally with your audience and create relationships that reach them on a more personal level.

Clients need to be seen as the centre of your business strategy – whether they be existing or new. The success of your business relies on the retention of existing clients as well as attracting new clients. This can be done through great choice of visual communication.

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