Connect with Existing Clients through Visual Communication

Visual content can kill a conversation or result in a high bounce rate, just as quickly as it can spark a conversation and entice visitors to your website, YouTube channel or facebook/social media pages. Keeping connected to your existing clients is equally as important (if not more) as reaching out to potential new clients. Existing clients already have loyalty to your brand, remember that. It’s much easier to hold on to an existing client than it is to snag a new client.

Always show your existing clients that you care. Do those little things for them that show that you’re prepared to go the extra mile in making their lives easier. After all, your business relies on interactions with your existing clients to ensure that you make money.

Visual content is very shareable so reaching your audience and potential new audience is made that much easier through Visual Communication.

Product videos have been shown to improve conversion rates. As much as 73% of US adults are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video that explains it. Use video to connect with your existing clients. Get them interested in new products or services that you have to offer or showcase updates or new services and products through connecting visually with your existing clients.

Videos work well when placed in the hottest areas of your product page such as right next to a product image or ‘buy’ buttons. When videos are given prominent positioning on your website, just as with print media, visitors stay longer, engage more and are more likely to purchase. Concentrate on ‘above the fold’, ‘top’ and ‘centre’ of your page applying the same principles as when choosing advertising space in traditional print media.

Show people how to use your product or service. Whether this has already been done for existing clients doesn’t matter. Bringing their attention to a product tour, a video or updates on your website, helps to jog memory in terms of making a decision to purchase or can highlight aspects of your products and services that even your existing clients don’t know. Pre-product tours can be offered to existing clients ie sneak peaks at new products where you can offer specialised pricing for existing clients to purchase prior to the product or service launch.

Use Pinterest to your advantage. Particularly where your target audience is female, using Pinterest is where they are going to be. Interestingly, you do not need a visually appealing product to obtain attention on Pinterest – it just needs to be visually appealing which is great news for marketers! Almost 20% of Pinterest users say they make a Pinterest-inspired purchase, monthly. You don’t need to showcase only products on Pinterest. Look strategically at popular categories and post relevant visuals under that particular category. Say for instance, your product is under the category of Food and Drink, pinning a comprehensive shopping list will appeal to that particular audience – a useful way for them to interact with your business. Bring the attention of your existing clients to your Pinterest page. Get them interested in what your pinning on your business boards and through regular updates, you will be able to keep them interested.
Don’t forget Twitter. Get consumers talking about your product on Twitter. At least 40% of Twitter users make purchases because of a tweet from what is known as an influencer. Save the good tweets about your business and retweet making sure that you include the entire body of the tweet. Tweets can also be embedded on your site next to products photos or the ‘buy’ button.

Influencers are great to have on your side. People are more likely to believe the reports of other consumers who are just like them, rather than you. Seeing other people’s favourable reports about your business, removes fears and doubts and leads to more conversions. Engaging with your existing clients can be a great way to market your business. Get them talking about your products and services or mention them in your tweets to spark a conversation. Remember to keep it positive!

Bottom Line : All visual content, no matter where you decide to use it, should deliver real value for your users.

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